The Polish Association for Boys and Men

Objectives of the Association

  1. Ensure equality for men: through the law, policies, and public institutions, particularly in education, healthcare, retirement, and judical system.
  2. Influence social policies towards men at the national and European levels.
  3. Improve life expectancy and quality of life for men.
  4. Prevent and minimize addictions and their effects among men.
  5. Influence a positive image of men and promote positive masculinity models in public communication.
  6. Prevent gender polarization, especially among younger generations.
  7. Support the model of an active man: considering social, civic, physical, educational, family, professional, public, etc., activities.
  8. Support the most vulnerable and excluded men, especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds.
  9. Support active fatherhood and partnership in relationships.
  10. Cooperate with similar associations abroad.
Board of the Association


Jakub Chabik

Jakub Chabik, a IR engineer and manager by education, is actively involved in implementing modern technologies and conducting scientific research at Gdansk University of Technology. In addition to his professional pursuits, he finds joy in being a dedicated husband and a father of two children.

Board member

Michał Gulczyński

Michał Gulczyński is a PhD student in public policy and administration at Bocconi University in Milan. Renowned for his expertise, he authored the report „Unspoken Inequalities: On the Problems of Men in Poland.

Board member

Waldemar Domański

Waldemar Domański, a cultural and social activist based in Cracow, is a journalist and the founder and director of the Library of Polish Song. He is also the creative mind behind socio-cultural events, including the Kraków Singing Lessons.

Audit Committee

Michał Urbańczyk

Krzysztof Figaj

Karol Zmysłowski